ARAA Objectives | Auto Recylers Association of Australia

ARAA Objectives

Objectives of the Auto Recyclers Association of Australia

Auto Recyclers Association of Australia objects include:

  1. facilitating the development and advocacy of policies relating to the enhancement of public perception of the automotive recycling industry, recognition of the significant environmental and economic contributions made by this industry, and acceptance by government of the importance of the contribution made by automotive recycling businesses to positive environmental outcomes for the Australian economy;
  2. promoting the adoption of environmentally sound management practices relating to end of life vehicles by automotive recycling businesses both within Australia and overseas;
  3. promoting the adoption of an automotive recycling industry code of practice, accreditation or certification program (however named) that defines standards of excellence in automotive recycling business performance and product supply, and that supports and encourages business operators to adopt such standards within their business;
  4. promoting ethical practices within the automotive recycling industry, including in particular the implementation of stock accountability and traceability by all automotive recyclers;
  5. promoting the adoption within Australia of laws and statutes relating to the recycling of motor vehicles that are conducive to ensuring the maximum number of recycled vehicles are processed through duly qualified and accredited recycling business with the objective of providing the greatest possible benefit to the Australian environment;
  6. promoting industry training in the management and operation of automotive recycling businesses;
  7. promoting shows, exhibitions and seminars to automotive recycling businesses in Australia and overseas;
  8. promoting a code of practice whereby the transaction of business relating to automotive recycling businesses may be simplified and facilitated in the public interest.