Frequently Asked Questions | Auto Recylers Association of Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no membership fee to become a member of ARAA – you just need to be an auto recycler or an industry supplier or service provider. You can sign up through our membership page on this site.

ARAA needs income to operate, but it will receive this through services it offers to members. You decide on the services that will add value to your business. You only pay for the services you use – what could be fairer than that?

This new association is national in its structure and in its approach to industry issues. It is 100% focussed on the automotive recycling industry. Its objective is to work on behalf of all auto recyclers, supporting and promoting the legitimate industry and ensuring it is recognised by the broader community as an important industry playing a vital role in our society.

Unfortunately, our previous industry association (APRAA) is no longer in a position to offer national coverage to the auto recycling industry. We do not believe there is a likelihood of this situation changing in the foreseeable future.

National representation of our industry cannot be left in a vacuum while recyclers face important issues that potentially affect their livelihood. Climate change, increasing environmental regulation and consumer law reform are some of these issues and many recyclers have concluded that a national stand-alone association is now required to provide specific industry input to regulatory authorities.

Auto Recyclers Association of Australia (ARAA) has been established as a national independent organisation to represent all auto recyclers across all states and territories. Auto recyclers will now have the opportunity of representation independent of the other motor trades sectors.

The ARAA exists to provide an effective national voice for auto recycling industry.