Proposed New ARAA Accreditation Program | Auto Recylers Association of Australia

Proposed New ARAA Accreditation Program

The focus of a new accreditation program should be on providing recyclers with the tools they can use to improve their business and raise industry standards so that they are in tune with the expectations of our modern society.

It should give businesses the ability to enter the program and provide them with the assistance needed to enable them to improve all areas of their operation. It should be a management tool that provides a pathway through a course of action and ongoing improvement to meet agreed industry standards.

The Accreditation program should provide the continuous improvement stepping stones. It should define the objectives and provide a mechanism to help businesses achieve them. It should be simple, and should address the issues that actually matter.

The Accreditation program should allow recyclers to progress at a rate that they are comfortable with and recognise the progress and achievements each business makes.